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Primary area of interest

Primary Areas of Interest


CRISPR-Cas, Genome engineering, Functional Genomics

We focus on developing functionally enhanced CRISPR-systems for their broader and practical application in gene-editing. We employ protein-engineering and chemogenetics for precise cellular gene-editing and investigate their effect on gene-functions for prospective gene-therapy applications.


Synthetic Biology and Anti-infective Drug Development

We are working on designing synthetic biology methods for developing precision anti-infective agents. Our primary targets are multidrug-resistant pathogenic bacteria like MRSA and Mycobacterium tuberculosis.


Anticancer Drug Development

We work on chemical biology methods for developing targeted chemotherapy. We employ small-molecule probes to decipher the role of various DNA-binding proteins or transcription factors in genome stability,  repair,  plasticity,  oncogenesis, and tumor progression.

Open positions

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Graduate students

April 2024

Junior Research Fellow: Interested in working on Chemical Biology and Medicinal Chemistry are invited to apply. We have one vacancy in Chemistry this time. Candidates with M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry and with a fellowship are encouraged to apply through the Bose Institute portal or contact us at

Research Assistant

NO FUNDED POSITION, candidate with their own fellowship are welcomed 

Project Assistant position. The candidates need to have a BS or M.Sc. in Organic Chemistry. To apply, send your CV and a cover letter to

Postdoctoral Fellow

As soon as possible

Candidates with Ph.D. in any stream of Biology or in Organic Chemistry can approach for writing a Postdoctoral Fellowship (NPDFDR. D. S. Kothari Postdoctoral Fellowship, CSIR-RA, etc)

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Welcome Dr. Vivek

Welcome Dr. Vivek

Welcome Dr. Vivek (PhD from IITD)

With collaborators!

With collaborators!

With our collaborator Dr. Soumik's group from IITD

Welcome Sree!

Welcome Sree!

Welcome to our new member Sree!

Sadiya operating flash chromatography

Sadiya operating flash chromatography

Sadia operating flash chromatography purification system



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